Founding Principles 

The practice of law has changed from a profession based on upholding the law and protecting the rights of the wronged to a business where clients are reduced to a numerical forecast without the process efficiencies found in traditional businesses.  Ritchey Legal addresses both of these by utilizing technology found in large law firms to allow it to provide efficient legal services for a fraction of the cost.  But the true foundation of Ritchey Legal is building on the legacy of Ritchey & Ritchey's focus on treating each client like family, giving the same level of attention to every client.  To learn more about the legacy of Ritchey & Ritchey, PA, click here.

Ritchey Legal's Online Client Portal

Ritchey Legal utilizes an online client portal so that clients can always have access to documents related to the case, case status, billing, and a secure messaging system that provides an easy way to view the history of attorney communications.  Access to the client portal comes at no additional charge and one only need a valid email address to use it.

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