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Amy Flaherty Recommends Brian Ritchey

In the past several years I have had the privilege of working with Brian in several capacities. Whether it was working together in the launch of a new product or working together on a sales opportunity, his expertise as an attorney as well as his enthusiasm for his work and technical acumen was exceptional. I could always depend on him and he directly impacted the success of our company. Brian was always able to recognize where his assistance could prove to be valuable and offered it. This was primarily due to his passion for our clients and respect for fellow colleagues. Although Brian was self motivated and self sufficient, he never hesitated to reach out to team members for assistance or to properly delegate and manage when needed. Brian's background in law\computers has allowed him to excel in various positions within the organization. Due to his vast knowledge and adaptability, Brian has worn many hats. However, his recent position as Editor-In-Chief was very fitting. His ability to capture the attention of Managing Partners each day with his posts was quite an accomplishment. His passion and commitment are unparalleled. I highly recommend him.

– Amy Flaherty

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