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Tom Baldwin Recommends Brian Ritchey

Brian was hired as a Senior Analyst in our Knowledge Management group. His experience as an attorney and his enthusiasm for technology made him a great fit for some of our ambitious initiatives, including the upgrade of our Enterprise Search and the integration of KIIAC within the firm.

Brian managed our Search upgrade from Recommind Mindserver 5 to Decisiv 7 where we sought to increase performance and ease of use with the goal of increased adoption of the technology. He worked with us in design decisions and helped implement Lexis Search Advantage to replace WestKM. He also took on a scope change late in the process when we decided to fold in our Matter Profiling Tool into our Matters library. He worked with several internal teams including our Knowledge Management, Marketing and IT groups and with several outside vendors including Lexis, Recommind, Neudesic and Premier Technologies. He kept the project focused and helped integrate the systems. Further, he worked with Lexis to provide incentives in “gamifying” training to users with a dramatic positive effect on our goal of increasing use.

Brian also took on one of our most ambitious initiatives: learning, integrating and selling our attorneys on the promise of KIIAC. Brian took on this role with relish as he quickly saw the benefits of this technology and rapidly learned not only its stated use but often took our attorneys' ideas and customized KIIAC to fit their needs. He worked with our IT group to create an internal landing page to host completed KIIAC templates as well as helped set up and manage the production and development environments to make the rapid development of this tool seamless to users. His enthusiasm and ability to grasp complex concepts, both technological and legal, allowed him to align KIIAC's advanced features with both our attorneys' and clients' needs. The success we have enjoyed in efficiency gains and additional client work was in no small part to Brian's commitment to getting the best out of KIIAC.

– Tom Baldwin

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