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About Ritchey Legal, PLLC

Brian Ritchey was formerly with Ritchey & Ritchey, PA, a family law firm established in 1959 which served both corporate and individual clients in the greater Birmingham area and across Alabama.  Over his professional career, Brian has also worked for several software companies that serve the legal community as well as working with Reed Smith as a Senior KM Analyst.  After the passing of his uncle Ferris S. Ritchey, Jr. and retirement of his father and mentor, Albert E. Ritchey, Brian established  Ritchey Legal, PLLC, in 2019 to carry on his family's legacy in serving clients with a passion for representing clients with an unwavering commitment to excellent service with a welcoming, informal, family atmosphere.


Ritchey Legal is a general practice firm that provides most types of legal services that an individual or business may need.  Ritchey Legal is expanding its services to offer mediations starting in the 3rd quarter of 2019.


To access Brian's LinkedIn profile, please click here.

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