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Brian Ritchey

About Ritchey Legal, PLLC

Brian Ritchey was formerly with Ritchey & Ritchey, PA, a family law firm established in 1959 which served both corporate and individual clients in the greater Birmingham area and across Alabama.  Over his professional career, Brian has also worked for several software companies that serve the legal community as well as working with Reed Smith as a Senior KM Analyst.  After the passing of his uncle Ferris S. Ritchey, Jr. and retirement of his father and mentor, Albert E. Ritchey, Brian established Ritchey Legal, PLLC, in 2019 to carry on his family's legacy in serving clients with a passion for representing clients with an unwavering commitment to excellent service with a welcoming, informal, family atmosphere.

Ritchey Legal is a general practice firm that provides most types of legal services that an individual or business may need.  

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  • Mirtha Patiño Recommends Brian Ritchey

    Brian is a very attentive, friendly and caring person .... Easily reaches your heart, with intentions to help or protect you ... It's very honest and joyful ... and me! ... These things are the most important for any activity in which he ... is play!
  • Antwon Alsobrook Recommends Brian Ritchey

    I had the privilege of working with Brian as he represented my company on a very difficult contract litigation case. Brian was engaged midway through our case as a change in counsel. He was able to step in and quickly dissect the immense amount of technical data to form a sound legal strategy tha...
  • Alexandra Prophete Recommends Brian Ritchey

    As a more senior member of our team, Brian exercised considerable care and patience to ensure that I was brought up to speed as quickly as possible when I joined the firm. He continued to act as a mentor to me as my responsibilities grew and his willingness to share his insights and expertise pro...
  • Siobhan Hayes Recommends Brian Ritchey

    I am pleased to recommend Brian. We worked together on a project involving Kiiac. We did this before the software was fully developed and my group wanted to test it in a challenging way. Brian is great to work with. He is a very consistent person to deal with; he sticks to his commitments and sel...
  • William Sellers Recommends Brian Ritchey

    Very intense person who has passion for his clients. Willing to go the distance in working the strategy to conclusion. High morals and rare in the legal profession. Always dependable.
  • Gene Reese Recommends Brian Ritchey

    Brian has been an excellent colleague and one that I could always count on. Brian's professional and technical expertise makes him unique. However, his genuine desire to help out both clients and colleagues are traits that define his character. Brian is personable, professional and reliable. I hi...
  • Tom Baldwin Recommends Brian Ritchey

    Brian was hired as a Senior Analyst in our Knowledge Management group. His experience as an attorney and his enthusiasm for technology made him a great fit for some of our ambitious initiatives, including the upgrade of our Enterprise Search and the integration of KIIAC within the firm. Brian man...
  • Ronda Wasserman Fisch Recommends Brian Ritchey

    Brian and I most recently worked on the implementation of Recommind and Lexis Search Advantage with the firm's document management system. Throughout the project, Brian demonstrated excellent project management skills. His technical expertise is superb and his ability to understand how lawyers us...
  • Matthew Laws Recommends Brian Ritchey

    Brian specializes in knowledge management, the technology side of the the legal industry. He has a very direct and strategic approach with developing solutions for the firm, with the end goal of adoption!
  • Tim Kenney Recommends Brian Ritchey

    Brian is a detailed oriented professional who can really understand the nature of the practice of law and how it ties into technology!
  • Amy Flaherty Recommends Brian Ritchey

    In the past several years I have had the privilege of working with Brian in several capacities. Whether it was working together in the launch of a new product or working together on a sales opportunity, his expertise as an attorney as well as his enthusiasm for his work and technical acumen was e...
  • Gail Henderson Recommends Brian Ritchey

    Brian brings to the table experience both as an attorney and a technical resource, passion for his work and his clients, and a positive attitude that is difficult to match. While at Juris, I had many friends, but only a short list of colleagues that I could truly count on. Brian Ritchey is among ...

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